Hi! How are you, my dear Regias?

Today I’d like to share with you how I came up with sharing my makeup tutorial videos on You tube. Yes! From now on you can watch them, get some practice, and try new makeup ideas. I believe it is a great way to know each other, and it’s even better to do it through a great passion, makeup art.

When it comes to being a makeup artist, one of the things I enjoy the most is to be able to feel each woman as a friend. This is why I decided to use Internet as a way of getting to most women I could not meet in person normally. A way of shortening distances with my old and my new friends. Why not?After all, making new friends through my channel sounds like a very good plan.

I think makeup it’s not just about beautifying a face, since I consider all women beautiful. It’s about having a small ceremony, a gift, a moment to pamper ourselves, and also a moment of mutual enrichment. When I hear your stories, most of the times, I get inspired, I get richer, and I try to leave something from me (beyond my makeup), this could be a makeup tip, a nice memory, some encouragement words. Just by knowing that you feel happy and beautiful, I feel incredibly blessed.

That’s why I created my channel, soon you’ll see there some Spanish and English videos, I hope you enjoy and learn from them. I really wish that with time, the bridge between us gets shorter and shorter. Just as you would ask a friend who is makeup artist, I wait for your questions, comments, advice and doubts. Thank you so much for being there!

What would you like me to speak about next week?