Today I’d like to give you 10 tips, or anti-wedding tips. Things you must not DO on your special day or the previous days before your wedding. Let’s talk about those things you might think of doing before saying yes, either to look “prettier” or because you couldn’t do them before, but you must restrain from doing, either to avoid a FATAL ERROR or just having an ugly surprise. If you get married in the city or in our beautiful Playa del Carmen, you must consider these tips before saying YES:

1- Don’t go for a facial peel or any aggressive skin treatment the week before your wedding.

Just don’t do it! (I like emphasizing a lot). Of course you can try a home made mask to make your skin look pretty, but any deep-skin treatment is not going to help you right before your big day. On the contrary, it could bring our some redness to your skin, or simply make it flake off as a side effect. So you won’t have time to “recover” from this natural process just a few days before the wedding. Even worse, if you go out in the Caribbean sun with a recently treated skin, it can be a recipe for disaster. Let’s avoid this unexpected problem by trusting our make artist to correct and conceal any imperfection you might have. You will have time after the wedding to start following a healthy skin routine, but right before the wedding, let the makeup magic do its job.

2- Visit a dermatologist to give you the best methods for you to take care of your skin. As you might have noticed, a radiant, healthy and polished skin, can only be achieved by incorporating the right habits and products. Those products will only have an effect on you, if they are the right ones for your skin. It doesn’t matter how many advertisements you see or the promises you can listen to on the radio. If that “miracle” cream is not suit for your skin-type, then the miracles will not happen at all.

Get your appointment with a specialist, know your skin type, and over all, include healthy habits on your daily routine!

3- Do not pluck your eyebrows on your wedding day.

It doesn’t matter if your are doing it yourself or have it done by a professional. The problem of doing this right before having your makeup done is the unexpected reaction of your skin. Let’s see what I’m talking about (so you don’t say I’m exaggerating). Even if you are a master yoga teacher, you will probably be a little nervous on your wedding day. And also the days before. Those nerves, which are normal and totally expected, might be transformed into a little pre-wedding stress. And under stress, certain things that normally do not affect you at all, can. Put it this way, if you normally pluck your eyebrows and nothing happens, on your wedding day, something may happen. If you do it right before getting married, the plucked little hair can look swollen, or some redness in the area might appear. Because under a stressing situation, our skin tends to be a little more sensitive than usual. Even if this can be covered by makeup, we agree that we do not want to see any part of our face swollen an hour before walking down the aisle, right? So, my advice would be to pluck your eyebrows two days before the wedding and avoid any surprise skin reaction.

4- Do not experiment with your makeup

To avoid this, the best advise I can give you is to get an appointment prior to your wedding. First of all, and most importantly, to get to know your make up artist (in this case, me!), and secondly, because it’s very important for you to know how you are going to look on your wedding day. Even though Kim Kardashian’s wedding makeup is on the highlights today, that type of makeup may not result good on your skin, or maybe you want to wear something “lighter” for an outdoor, beach wedding.

Tendencies change, and they change fast. There are loads of visual information in sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and so on. You can totally go for them, and make a folder full of inspiration pictures to take to your makeup trial. This way, you get to have a certain visual idea of how you are going to look on your wedding day, and you already know your makeup artist and hair stylist. You will be a confident bride and you will enjoy your day much more!

5- Make room for privacy.

I know, this is the awkward tip. We know your family and friends have the best of intentions, they love you, they want to be with you, and are more than happy for your wedding, but…all will come at its time. Maybe when you sit to have your makeup and hair done, you don’t want a parade of relatives and guest coming to talk to you or just having fun in your bridal room. In general, the get-ready moment for a bride is a very special, intimate moment where only the people YOU want there, must be there. Normally, you will deal with a lot of emotions during your day, and dealing with everybody else’s does not sound like a good plan. So don’t feel sorry for asking for privacy and respect, and let your closest people fill you with calm and containment.

maquillaje de novia en buenos aires a domicilioThat’s me, almost a year ago!

6- Do not cut or dye your hair

I once heard a story about a bride who had to pay a lot of money in the same day to get her hair back “to the way it was before entering the salon”! As I told you before, the days prior to your wedding are not meant to experiment new things. Your entire life is! But before the wedding, as much as you want to find out if that Pixie haircut works for you, my best of advices would be to wait and have that new style after your big event. Same as your hair color, even if you want that Beyoncé tone very very badly, try not to “try” it right before your wedding. It may happen that you don’t like the result, and the hair needs some time to adapt to changes, so go safely, and avoid surprises!

7- Go for a tan and end up…burnt!

Yeah, I know…you got to the Caribbean, your whole family is fully enjoying a magic Riviera Maya holiday, and you want to take part of it. Of course you can! Just remember to be extra careful with sun exposures. Wear a really good, and +50 sunblock, a hat, something that covers your shoulders, and pay extra attention to the possible bikini marks, especially if your are wearing a strapless wedding dress. If you get burned, there is no problem, we can cover it with makeup…but it hurts anyway!

8-Exercise too much to loose weight in record time.

We know that with the resort food, sticking to your bride to be diet can get a little hard. You can even the effects of eating more than usual, by drinking water and controlling the snacks, but be careful with going for a run or start an abs routine if you are not used to exercising at home. A wrong twist, or over exercising can push your body to feel pain, and that is something you do not want to deal on your wedding day. Respect your body and trust yourself, you are a beautiful bride!

9- Go partying the night before.

The idea of going out with friends and family after the rehearsal dinner sounds really charming, and it is! But keep control of the wildness, you don’t want to sleep two hours and face your wedding day while going through a hangover. You need all the energy and happiness for YOUR day, so, have a toast -or two- and go to bed, your body will be grateful.

10- Not enjoying your wedding.

This may happen -or not, but if by any chance, when you get to the beach ceremony, you realize the color of the chair was not exactly the color you ordered, don’t let it become a big deal. We know how much time you spent on arranging details, and know very well the feeling of “i want everything to look exactly as I dreamed it”, but, let’s face it, the wedding day is a moment to enjoy. Most details you are obsessed with will not be noticed by friends or family unless you tell them to. The wedding happens so fast, that my best advice is for you to love every second of it, soon it will be over and no one will ever remember that the flowers were not the pink you expected. Enjoy your husband, your friends, your family, nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than to enjoy this moment in your life. I wish -and you deserve- you are happiest bride, ever!