Let’s go over some looks you can totally show off during your weekend in Playa del Carmen. You can wear these colors to get that wow makeup by yourself! Let’s see the first one:

The Barbie Beach

Makeup kit Regia Makeup Maquillaje a domicilio en capital federal

We start by applying base powder to get a natural and smooth skin effect. We’ll use

MAC Studio Fix

Let’s continue by applying  blush from the cheek to the temple, this tone is going to give us that “Barbie-like” touch:

MAC Dolly Mix Sheertone Shimmer Blush

We continue with the  eye-shadows:

A light shade right below your eyebrows: MAC- Mylar Satin

A clear shade in your eyelids: MAC- Yogurt Matte

A dark shade to highlight your eye depth:MAC- Wow Factor Matte

*If you dare, you can go for a cat eye with eyeliner. I included Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC

Now it’s time for a waterproof mascara:

Hypnôse Star, Lacôme

You can finish by wearing a transparent lip gloss or by choosing a colored lip gloss in a pinkish tone:

Lipglass lip gloss, Or Lipgloss Viva Glam VI, both from MAC

maquillaje para novia en zona sur

The Peachy Look

A peachy makeup this time. Ideal if you are tanned or to wear during the day. We start by applying through face and neck:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

We continue with the blush, for this makeup I’ll use MB04 Terracota, from Lure Mineral Blush. Apply in cheeks to the temple.

It’s time for Clinique’s Neutral Territory 2. I’m going to highlight my eyes using four tone from this palette:

Lighter shade: 1A sugar cane (the first one)

In my eyelids: Light shade of diamonds and pearls duo (the second one)

In my eye depth: Light shade into date duo & 02 black honey fourth and seventh)

¡Always blend them!

I’m going to use NYX Wonder Pencil 02-Medium in my waterline. This pencil will give us more brightness.

Time for the mascara:

MAC, Opulash Optimum Black

We finish this look by wearing a peachy lipstick: MAC’s Reel Sexy A15.


maquillaje de novia a domicilio zona sur

The weekend Bombshell

If you are spending a weekend in the Caribbean beaches from Riviera Maya, this look is for you! It works great if you are going to the pool as well.

Let’s start by applying 50+  Avène tinted emulsion. As I told you before, we’ll spread it from face to neck.

After this, we are going to nuance our skin, using L’oreal’s Nude Magique BB Powder (in face and neck, too!)

Apply a peach-pink blush, like Pinch Me Sheertone Blush, from MAC

Time for the eyeliner! We’ll use a waterproof black pencil, like MAC’s Engraved, Powerpoint Eye Pencil

Combine it with a waterproof mascara, like Maybelline’s Illegal Lenght. Apply two coats.

To finish this look with a sexy touch, let’s use an intense red lipstick:

Russian Red B21 from MAC


I hope you choose one of these looks and have a wonderful weekend!