Tell me what type of bride you are,  and I’ll tell you how to wear your makeup on your wedding in Playa del Carmen. There are infinite types of people, and so there are ways to have your bridal makeup done. Today we’ll picture five kinds of brides and the perfect makeup for each of them. Remember that if you get married in Riviera Maya, you have the plus of counting on us, which means that the airbrush makeup will be on your side, lasting your whole wedding, being waterproof, and making you look stunning. Let’s see the five types of brides more easily found:

Classic brides

I just love classic brides! This wonderful women do not care at all about trends and fashion. When it comes to their wedding (specially if it is by the Caribbean sea), they prefer to remain true to themselves and wear a style of makeup that will always look good on them. Most probably, you will see them wearing peachy and brownish tones, the most daring will only put some glowy shades right below the eyebrows. For lips, they will go for a pearly pink, or a transparent lip-gloss. Matte colors and shades rule this makeup, and so the natural tone palettes.

Chic or Sophisticated brides

A lot of personality going on in this bridal makeup. These girls will go crazy and play with different colors and shades. They definitely love eyelashes, and will break all the rules as regards traditional wedding makeup. No “nude tones” for them. They are daring and confident, and will take any bridal makeup look to the next level!

Romantic Brides

These brides have dreamed about their makeup as much as they dreamed about their wedding dress. For them, makeup and dress go together in importance. Due to their romantic personality, this makeup will have a fairytale touch, mostly in pink and beige. All shades and bronzer will be subtle, and the princess side of this brides will be totally highlighted.

Avant garde brides

They say YES to the latest trends on fashion and style. Their makeup will be an exquisite combination of style and personality. They are daring and know to get the perfect look following the stars and fashion paths of the moment. Their bridal makeup would be a great DO for any fashion magazine.

No-makeup” Brides

They have chose to get married in Riviera Maya for a reason: Nature. They want to be in perfect harmony with the sea and the beach. This bride will probably get married by sunshine or sunset, most probably she doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis, and prefer to go that way on her destination wedding. Perfect for them are all nude palettes and blurring techniques. We love this girls!

If you see yourself pictured in any of this brides, congratulations! Your bridal makeup choice will be easier, and definitely, a success. Always remember to stay true to yourself, and I see you on your wedding!

Your makeup artist,