So much has been said about contouring on the Internet! We all know this makeup technique went from being “a technique used by makeup artists to highlight features” to “the one and only makeup technique”, gaining this status due to Kim Kardashian’s obsession with it. It takes a little time to get this look on a daily basis, and practice, too. Normally the amount of makeup required to get this look puts this technique into a “no-natural face” one. It really works (features are, indeed, improved), but the time has come when women say, “we need another option”. And so it begins: the “Strobing” time has come!

strobe makeup art in playa del carmen

But what is it about? This technique is basically, a simpler way of highlighting your face. It does not require darker tones applied, it’s simply focused on marking the light and the natural glow of the face. The use of strobing cremes and pigments will help get this look right, but it is important to say that this type of makeup requires a much ·taking care of· skin, the healthier your skin looks, the better the strobing will work for you.

strobe makeup

When you get to your destination wedding, what type of makeup will you prefer?