Contouring or Strobing?

So much has been said about contouring on the Internet! We all know this makeup technique went from being “a technique used by makeup artists to highlight features” to “the one and only makeup technique”, gaining this status due to Kim Kardashian’s obsession with it. It takes a little time to get this look on a daily basis, and practice, too. Normally the amount of makeup required to get this look puts this technique into a “no-natural face” one. It really works (features are, indeed, improved), but the time has come when women say, “we need another option”. And so it begins: the “Strobing” time has come!

But what is it about? This technique is basically, a simpler way of highlighting your face. It does not require darker tones applied, it’s simply focused on marking the light and the natural glow of the face. The use of strobing cremes and pigments will help get this look right, but it is important to say that this type of makeup requires a much ·taking care of· skin, the healthier your skin looks, the better the strobing will work for you.

When you get to your destination wedding, what type of makeup will you prefer?

Bridal makeup & beauty tips: Today, the Bridal Emergency Kit!

Hi! Today I’ll talk about a thing that might be overlooked. You might be jokingly called a “Bridezilla” for thinking of carrying it, but it is DEFINITELY worth it. In Spanish we have a saying: “Mujer precavida vale por dos”, which means “A cautious woman is worth for two”. I’m taking about your bridal emergency kit. A little, small and chic purse or clutch will do. You don’t have to carry it, this is a job for a mom, a bridesmaid, or a special friend!


Blotting paper *To help absorb any shiny T-zone, if you get sweaty, specially recommended for those brides getting married and planning on dancing all night long in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, or any beach round the Caribbean Riviera Maya.

Sewing Kit *If anything goes wrong with your wedding dress, you can do a quick fix by having this cheap and extremely helpful kit. MUST include needles, bobby-pins, and white thread.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss *Feel free to eat, drink, and kiss your new husband.

Band Aids *Whichever type of sandal or shoe you are wearing, your feet can swollen a little bit due to the Caribbean weather. Make sure you don’t get hurt by carrying band aids to cover any ampules that might appear.

Dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste *To avoid any awkward feeling of food in the wrong place and feel confident the whole night.

Your perfume in a sample size *You save space in that precious little clutch.


Nail Polish *If you chose to wear your nails red, or any strong color, this is totally a must-carry.

White chalk *This is aN easy and cheap stain-saver you can absolutely carry in your bridal kit

I hope they work for you! Can you think of anything else? Tell us!


Your bridal MUA

Makeup Wishlist!

This week I’ve made my own #wishlist with trendy products for this season. With this lovely selection, you will get amazing makeups, and personally, I adore them!

Will you include them on your wishlist as well?

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Regia Makeup Riviera Maya Tutorial!

Hi! Today I’ll teach you how to do a super simple Smokey Eye in two versions: classic & shiny. I’ve created this look with Le Smoky pencil from L’Oreal, and also I show you how the CC Cream and BB powder worked together for me! In this tutorial, we work mostly the skin and eyes, so you can learn how to do a super quick, simple, and affordable makeup by yourself. Most of the products I wear today can be found at stores and supermarkets, so I hope it really works for you, and when you visit Playa del Carmen and make your makeup appointment, you already know me a bit. I hope you enjoy it


¡Tutorial Regia Makeup Riviera Maya al aire!

¡Hola! Hoy te enseño a realizar un Smokey Eye en dos versiones: básico y metalizado, con el lápiz Le Smoky de L’Oreal. También te muestro que tal me resultó maquillar mi piel con una CC Cream y un BB Powder (también de L’Oreal). En este tutorial, trabajamos especialmente piel y ojos, para que aprendas a realizarte un maquillaje súper sencillo, rápido y sobre todo, accesible. Ya que los productos mencionados los consigues en cualquier tienda o supermercado. Espero que te sirvan y cuando estés por Playa del Carmen y hagas tu cita de maquillaje, ya nos conoceremos un poquito. ¡Que lo disfrutes!

Why hiring an airbrush makeup artist in Playa del Carmen?

maquillaje profesional a domicilio en zona sur

When you are having an important event by the Riviera Maya beach, it is important to bear in mind that certain “classic” features about makeup that you may know would not apply. As you hit the ground in the glorious paradise of the Caribbean Sea, you will notice one first obvious thing: Yes, it is very, very hot in here! That’s something we, Caribbeans (or better said, “playenses”, as residents of Playa del Carmen are called), have gotten used to. You can be sure this is something that will affect your makeup routine in many ways. Let’s just consider a few: your skin gets sweaty, your oil-based foundation may be a little more watery than usual, applying eyeshadow will not be as easy as it is back home, and lipsticks can change its consistency.

You now know that having an expert in Riviera Maya is very important. Imagine, it’s your wedding, birthday, honeymoon, or a special event. You are planning a great photo-shoot, you’ve dreamed this moment so much…would you risk the outcome by learning how to do your own makeup in this (OK, let’s say it, stressing) conditions? We believe experiences like the ones you will have in paradise, can not be mixed with nervousness or fear of having your mascara melting in the middle of the event.

That’s why if you come to visit, or live in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, or anywhere in Riviera Maya, Mexico, you must call us! We know all the secrets to make you shine like a movie star on that day you dreamed so much about. Working with the highest quality products in the market, we guarantee only magazine-like and long lasting results. Airbrush makeup is the key to achieve the best results in Riviera Maya. Your confidence will raise to the top, so will the best version of you! Make your appointment today, we are waiting for you.

maquilladora profesional a domicilio

¿Porqué contratar una maquilladora airbrush en Playa del Carmen?

Cuando tienes un evento importante en las playas de la Riviera Maya, es importante tener en cuenta que ciertas cosas “clásicas” que sabes acerca de tu maquillaje pueden no funcionar aquí. En cuanto pones un pie en el glorioso paraíso del Mar Caribe, te darás cuenta de algo muy obvio: ¡Sí, hace mucho, mucho calor aquí! Esto es algo a lo que nosotros, los Caribeños (o mejor dicho, los playenses, como nos llamamos los residentes en Playa del Carmen) nos hemos acostumbrado. Puedes estar segura que es un aspecto que afectará tu rutina de maquillaje en más de una manera. Consideremos algunas: Tu piel estará más sudorosa de lo habitual, tu base de maquillaje puede que se encuentre un poco mas líquida de que costumbre, aplicar sombra en los ojos puede que no sea tan fácil como en casa, y los labiales pueden cambiar su consistencia.

Es por esto que llamar a una experta en la Riviera Maya es tan importante. Imagínate, es tu boda, cumpleaños, o tu luna de miel. Has planeado una increíble sesión de fotos, has soñado este momento durante mucho tiempo…¿Arriesgarías el resultado aprendiendo a maquillarte en esta (OK, digámoslo, estresante) situación? Creemos que experiencias como las que vas a tener en una boda de destino, en una sesión de Trash the dress, no se pueden mezclar con nerviosismo o miedo a que se derrita tu máscara de pestañas en medio del evento.

Es por eso que si visitas, o vives en Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancún, o cualquier punto en la Riviera Maya, México, ¡Debes llamarnos! Conocemos todos los secretos para hacerte brillar como una estrella de cine en ese día tan anhelado por ti. Trabajamos con los mejores productos del mercado, para garantizarte sólo resultados duraderos, de revista. El maquillaje con aerógrafo es la clave para alcanzar los mejores resultados en la Riviera Maya. ¡Tu confianza se disparará al máximo, también la mejor versión de ti! Haz tu cita hoy, te esperamos.

maquillaje profesional a domicilio