Bridal makeup & beauty tips: Today, the Bridal Emergency Kit!

Hi! Today I’ll talk about a thing that might be overlooked. You might be jokingly called a “Bridezilla” for thinking of carrying it, but it is DEFINITELY worth it. In Spanish we have a saying: “Mujer precavida vale por dos”, which means “A cautious woman is worth for two”. I’m taking about your bridal emergency kit. A little, small and chic purse or clutch will do. You don’t have to carry it, this is a job for a mom, a bridesmaid, or a special friend!


Blotting paper *To help absorb any shiny T-zone, if you get sweaty, specially recommended for those brides getting married and planning on dancing all night long in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, or any beach round the Caribbean Riviera Maya.

Sewing Kit *If anything goes wrong with your wedding dress, you can do a quick fix by having this cheap and extremely helpful kit. MUST include needles, bobby-pins, and white thread.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss *Feel free to eat, drink, and kiss your new husband.

Band Aids *Whichever type of sandal or shoe you are wearing, your feet can swollen a little bit due to the Caribbean weather. Make sure you don’t get hurt by carrying band aids to cover any ampules that might appear.

Dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste *To avoid any awkward feeling of food in the wrong place and feel confident the whole night.

Your perfume in a sample size *You save space in that precious little clutch.


Nail Polish *If you chose to wear your nails red, or any strong color, this is totally a must-carry.

White chalk *This is aN easy and cheap stain-saver you can absolutely carry in your bridal kit

I hope they work for you! Can you think of anything else? Tell us!


Your bridal MUA

Step by Step Makeup

Step by step for a stunning green & sparkly look! You need to try it out!

I created this look with:
Painterly Pro Long Wear,
Humid Frost Eye Shadow,
Smutty Green mineralize Eye Shadow,
Opulash Optimum Black, all from MAC Cosmetics
Hot green PC08 from NYX Cosmetics
Le Smoky Color Riche, from L’oreal Paris


Maquillaje de ojos paso a paso que realicé en tonos verdes. ¿Te animas? He creado este look usando:
Painterly Pro Long Wear,
Sombras: Humid Frost y Smutty Green mineralize. Máscara
Opulash Optimum Black, todos MAC Cosmetics
Hot green PC08 deNYX Cosmetics
Le Smoky Color Riche, para el smokey look, de L’oreal Paris

regia makeup step by step

Bridal Makeup & Chic crowns in Playa del Carmen

Having a destination wedding in Riviera Maya is the perfect option for a romantic and chic wedding. Wearing a nude palette airbrush makeup and a flower crown to complete your hairdo, will make you look like coming from a fairytale. I’ve chosen some hairpieces ideas you can wear to be a stunning bride. Don’t you love them? I do!



Makeup to show off this weekend in Playa del Carmen!

Let’s go over some looks you can totally show off during your weekend in Playa del Carmen. You can wear these colors to get that wow makeup by yourself! Let’s see the first one:

The Barbie Beach

Makeup kit Regia Makeup Maquillaje a domicilio en capital federal

We start by applying base powder to get a natural and smooth skin effect. We’ll use

MAC Studio Fix

Let’s continue by applying  blush from the cheek to the temple, this tone is going to give us that “Barbie-like” touch:

MAC Dolly Mix Sheertone Shimmer Blush

We continue with the  eye-shadows:

A light shade right below your eyebrows: MAC- Mylar Satin

A clear shade in your eyelids: MAC- Yogurt Matte

A dark shade to highlight your eye depth:MAC- Wow Factor Matte

*If you dare, you can go for a cat eye with eyeliner. I included Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC

Now it’s time for a waterproof mascara:

Hypnôse Star, Lacôme

You can finish by wearing a transparent lip gloss or by choosing a colored lip gloss in a pinkish tone:

Lipglass lip gloss, Or Lipgloss Viva Glam VI, both from MAC

maquillaje para novia en zona sur

The Peachy Look

A peachy makeup this time. Ideal if you are tanned or to wear during the day. We start by applying through face and neck:

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

We continue with the blush, for this makeup I’ll use MB04 Terracota, from Lure Mineral Blush. Apply in cheeks to the temple.

It’s time for Clinique’s Neutral Territory 2. I’m going to highlight my eyes using four tone from this palette:

Lighter shade: 1A sugar cane (the first one)

In my eyelids: Light shade of diamonds and pearls duo (the second one)

In my eye depth: Light shade into date duo & 02 black honey fourth and seventh)

¡Always blend them!

I’m going to use NYX Wonder Pencil 02-Medium in my waterline. This pencil will give us more brightness.

Time for the mascara:

MAC, Opulash Optimum Black

We finish this look by wearing a peachy lipstick: MAC’s Reel Sexy A15.


maquillaje de novia a domicilio zona sur

The weekend Bombshell

If you are spending a weekend in the Caribbean beaches from Riviera Maya, this look is for you! It works great if you are going to the pool as well.

Let’s start by applying 50+  Avène tinted emulsion. As I told you before, we’ll spread it from face to neck.

After this, we are going to nuance our skin, using L’oreal’s Nude Magique BB Powder (in face and neck, too!)

Apply a peach-pink blush, like Pinch Me Sheertone Blush, from MAC

Time for the eyeliner! We’ll use a waterproof black pencil, like MAC’s Engraved, Powerpoint Eye Pencil

Combine it with a waterproof mascara, like Maybelline’s Illegal Lenght. Apply two coats.

To finish this look with a sexy touch, let’s use an intense red lipstick:

Russian Red B21 from MAC


I hope you choose one of these looks and have a wonderful weekend!

Makeup para lucir este fin de semana (en Playa del Carmen o donde quieras!)

 Este fin de semana, te traigo tres looks para que luzcas en Playa del Carmen, o donde tu quieras!

Se trata de productos de mi propio maletín, puedes inspirarte en ellos para jugar con colores y tonalidades que tengas, y maquillarte tu misma! Veamos el primero:

The Barbie Beach

maquillaje a domicilio capital federal

Vamos a empezar poniendo una base en polvo para dar un aspecto natural y un acabado ligero a nuestra piel. Utilizaremos:

Stufio Fix, de MAC

Seguimos con un blush en tono rosado intenso, para dar ese toque “Barbie” a los pómulos. Aplicamos ligeramente:

Dolly Mix Sheertone Shimmer Blus, de MAC

Seguimos con las sombras en los párpados. Vamos a aplicar una sombra clara en el hueso, justo debajo de las cejas, un tono apenas más oscuro en el párpado, y el tono más oscuro de los 3, en la cuenca o profundidad del ojo. Difuminamos.

Sombra clara (debajo de cejas): Mylar Satin, de MAC

Sombra media (para párpado): Yogurt Matte, de MAC

Sombra oscura (para profundidad): WOW Factor Matte, de MAC

*Como opción para las más osadas, incluí el eyeliner en gel de MAC, junto con el pincel de punta “chanfleada”, para realizar un cat eye o delineado ojo de gato

Vamos a aplicar una máscara de pestañas a prueba de agua, en este caso usaré:

Hypnôse Star, waterproof, de Lacôme

Para los labios, incluí dos opciones: Puedes terminar con un gloss transparente (si escogiste hacerte un cat eye, esta es la opción que te recomiendo), o un gloss con brillo en tono rosado:

Lipglass lip gloss O Lipgloss Viva Glam VI, ambos de MAC

maquilladora a domicilio zona sur

The Peachy Look

Un maquillaje en tonos melocotón. Ideal para las bronceadas y para el día. Comenzamos aplicando una base líquida, apenas con una puntita de producto en el dedo índice. Esparcimos por cara y cuello:

 Studio Fix Fluid, de MAC

Seguimos con el rubor, en este caso utilizaré el color MB04 Terracota, de la línea Lure Mineral Blush. Aplicamos en pómulos.

Con la paleta Neutral Territory 2, de Clinique, voy a marcar la profundidad e iluminar mis ojos-Como lo expliqué en el look anterior. Las sombras de esta paleta que voy a utilizar son:

Sombra clara: 1A sugar cane (la primera)

En el párpado voy a aplicar Light shade of diamonds and pearls duo (la segunda)

Para marcar mi profundidad utilizaré Light shade into date duo y 02 black honey (cuarta y séptima)

¡Siempre difuminamos!

En la línea de agua de mi ojo, voy a delinear con NYX Wonder Pencil 02-Medio, esta lapiz casi color piel me dará luminosidad y delicadeza a la vez.

Utilizaré la máscara de pestañas Opulash Optimum Black, de MAC

Termino con un labial color melocotón. Reel Sexy A15, de MAC.


maquilladora a domicilio capital federal

The weekend Bombshell

Este look está especialmente pensado para aquellas que pasarán un fin de semana en la Riviera Maya,  ya sea en la playa, en la alberca, o pileta.

Vamos a empezar aplicando la emulsión con color factor 50+ de Avène, toque seco. Como les enseñé antes, vamos a aplicar en cara y cuello.

Luego, con la esponjita que trae en su empaque, matizamos la piel con el  polvo Nude Magique BB Powder, de L’oreal por cara y cuello también.

Seguimos con un rubor en tono melocotón-rosado, que aplicaremos con una brocha en pómulos.

Pinch Me Sheertone Blush, de MAC

Vamos a delinear ojos (puede ser en la línea de agua o solo por encima del nacimiento de las pestañas) con un lápiz delineador negro a prueba de agua. En este caso usaré

Engraved, Powerpoint Eye Pencil, de MAC

Usando la máscara de pestañas a prueba de agua Illegal Lenght, de Maybelline, damos dos capas a nuestras pestañas.

Terminamos este look con un labial rojo intenso en tono mate. Usaré

Russian Red B21 de MAC


¡Espero que los apliques y te inspiren a crear un look divertido para tu fin de semana!

Makeup Wishlist!

This week I’ve made my own #wishlist with trendy products for this season. With this lovely selection, you will get amazing makeups, and personally, I adore them!

Will you include them on your wishlist as well?

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