Bridal makeup & beauty tips: Today, the Bridal Emergency Kit!

Hi! Today I’ll talk about a thing that might be overlooked. You might be jokingly called a “Bridezilla” for thinking of carrying it, but it is DEFINITELY worth it. In Spanish we have a saying: “Mujer precavida vale por dos”, which means “A cautious woman is worth for two”. I’m taking about your bridal emergency kit. A little, small and chic purse or clutch will do. You don’t have to carry it, this is a job for a mom, a bridesmaid, or a special friend!


Blotting paper *To help absorb any shiny T-zone, if you get sweaty, specially recommended for those brides getting married and planning on dancing all night long in Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Tulum, or any beach round the Caribbean Riviera Maya.

Sewing Kit *If anything goes wrong with your wedding dress, you can do a quick fix by having this cheap and extremely helpful kit. MUST include needles, bobby-pins, and white thread.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss *Feel free to eat, drink, and kiss your new husband.

Band Aids *Whichever type of sandal or shoe you are wearing, your feet can swollen a little bit due to the Caribbean weather. Make sure you don’t get hurt by carrying band aids to cover any ampules that might appear.

Dental floss, toothbrush and toothpaste *To avoid any awkward feeling of food in the wrong place and feel confident the whole night.

Your perfume in a sample size *You save space in that precious little clutch.


Nail Polish *If you chose to wear your nails red, or any strong color, this is totally a must-carry.

White chalk *This is aN easy and cheap stain-saver you can absolutely carry in your bridal kit

I hope they work for you! Can you think of anything else? Tell us!


Your bridal MUA

Step by Step Makeup

Step by step for a stunning green & sparkly look! You need to try it out!

I created this look with:
Painterly Pro Long Wear,
Humid Frost Eye Shadow,
Smutty Green mineralize Eye Shadow,
Opulash Optimum Black, all from MAC Cosmetics
Hot green PC08 from NYX Cosmetics
Le Smoky Color Riche, from L’oreal Paris


Maquillaje de ojos paso a paso que realicé en tonos verdes. ¿Te animas? He creado este look usando:
Painterly Pro Long Wear,
Sombras: Humid Frost y Smutty Green mineralize. Máscara
Opulash Optimum Black, todos MAC Cosmetics
Hot green PC08 deNYX Cosmetics
Le Smoky Color Riche, para el smokey look, de L’oreal Paris

regia makeup step by step

Beauty & Arty tips para este domingo

Es ‪#‎domingo‬, y espero que hayas aprovechado este día para estar en familia, en casa, sola o acompañada (en ‪#‎Regia‬ es día de lavar a fondo nuestras brochas). Puedes aprovechar lo que queda de este fin de semana para mimarte y consentir tu piel con unas fabulosas mascarillas caseras, como las que figuran en esta lista de Vogue:
Además, te traigo una recomendación off-makeup para que musicalices tu fin de domingo: Se trata de Marina Fages, escuchala y recorre sus pinturas en
¡Que la disfrutes!

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Regia Makeup Riviera Maya Tutorial

¡Por fin #viernes! Si vas a salir hoy y te encantaría delinear tus ojos fácil y rápido, el #tutorial #Regia #Makeup es para ti.
¡Dale click al link, suscribite, y manos a la obra!

Finally Friday! If you are thinking of going out today and you want to learn some tricks to do an easy cateye, the Regia Riviera Maya Makeup Tutorial is for you!

Click on the link or watch it below!